They say most people drop out in the first 100 miles. Well, I’m at 109 so I’m in good company. The last stretch started at Scissors Crossing (mile 77) with us hitching back from Julian to the PCT. My good hearted and well intentioned driver was also drunk and a lead foot. At one point we hit 120 mph racing through the desert towards the trail. I’ve never been so happy to get out of a car. 
The climb up Grapevine Mountain was a grueling two exercise of the quads that had us climb about 2,000 feet. Switchbacks helped us gain elevation quick and gave way to some of the most amazing views of my life. Over the next two days we traveled 32 miles through these mountain with long stretches between water. 

This morning we made the final 9 mile push out of the mountains to Warner Springs. It was raining and cold and the thought of a hot meal and a chair nearly made me weep as we came into town. We were immediately greeted by 60 or so hikers that were staying at the local community center. Many of the hikers we recognized from days earlier. The community center had foot basins with Epsom salt waiting and even had a private showing of Inside Out for the PCT hikers. 

Posted by Jonathan

I'm preparing to hike the Pacific Crest Trail starting in April 2016. I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah and work as a marketing consultant. Lately I've been watching a lot of "Cheers" and think Coach might be the funniest character of all time.


  1. Hi! Jon,
    Sounds like you got an e-ticket ride, ha ha ha, glad you made it safely!
    Warner Springs C.C. Will be a nice stop over, looks like you’ll only get a day of cool weather out there before heading into the desert. My daughter and I hiked from there to Eagle Rock which you will be passing on your way out.
    Stay hydrated! .. Enjoy following you! Be safe!

    Richard R.


    1. Richard, yes Warners Springs is great! The hike out to Eagle Rock is amazing. So many terrains! Thanks for following!


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