“When you touch my weary head
And you tell me everything will be all right
You say, “Use my body for your bed
And my love will keep you warm throughout the night”
Well I’ll never be a stranger and I’ll never be alone
Whenever we’re together, that’s my home”

From “You’re My Home” by Billy Joel

FullSizeRenderI have a rather serious relationship with my bed. Its a Sleep Number and it has made me a bit of a diva when it comes to sleeping away from home. So its natural to be concerned when you hear that I will be sleeping for approximately 150 straight nights under the stars and on the ground.

Fortunately I found place in my budget to splurge on the Sea To Summit Aeros Premium Pillow. I have found that it brings a little luxury on the trail and makes me forget that I might possibly be sleeping 20 feet away from cow dung, and dead possum, or a sewer.

The pillow comes in weighing only 4oz and deflates down to the size of a baseball. Inflated the pillow measures 16.5″ x 11.8 ” x 5.1″ in. It is thick and deep and will protect your head from rocks and the ground below.

sea to summit aeros premium pillowTo inflate, the pillow uses a series of one way valves that allow you to fill the entire pillow up in only a few short breathes. You don’t have to awkwardly guard the air from escaping while you fill it up. Once the air is inside the pillow it stays. To deflate you pull an additional tab and the pillow quickly deflates in under 2 seconds.

I was able to pick it up for $44.95 on Amazon.

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I'm preparing to hike the Pacific Crest Trail starting in April 2016. I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah and work as a marketing consultant. Lately I've been watching a lot of "Cheers" and think Coach might be the funniest character of all time.

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