When you tell someone that you are going to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, you will hear one of two things, namely:

  1. What is that?
  2. Why?

The second response does make you question yourself that eventually you begin to have a pretty polished response. I have heard other hikers respond, “To find out who I really am,” or ,”I’m hiking to raise awareness about diabetes in owls.” A month after deciding that I will attempt to hike the entire PCT in 2016 and I still can’t tell you why I am going. Sense of adventure maybe? Personal growth (they say that being uncomfortable and starving for five months helps you grow up somehow)?

Honestly, I think I am going with the intent of feeling uncomfortable for a while. Life with iTunes, Netflix, fast food, central air, online shopping, Facebook, dishwashers, refrigerated food, water-from-the-tap, a Sleep Number bed, and a car with a rear-view camera has become pretty easy. I don’t even have to look backwards when pulling out of my driveway. I’ve sensed a societal coddling that future generations never dreamt of and I think it has all combined to make me less of a human and more of a imprisoned science rat.

So with that I start my journey of preparing for a journey: To pack and plan to take five months off from work, friends, and family and walk across the most scenic parts of this country searching for knowledge, wisdom, experience, and most important – a challenge.

Posted by Jonathan

I'm preparing to hike the Pacific Crest Trail starting in April 2016. I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah and work as a marketing consultant. Lately I've been watching a lot of "Cheers" and think Coach might be the funniest character of all time.


  1. Hello Jonathan, I have read your post, and I am most certainly intrigued with your view of why you are hiking the PCT. I have hopes of hiking the PCT in 2020, if all goes well sir. I am looking forward to following your journey on the PCT and your journey to rediscovery of yourself while on trail. Good luck and God speed, Jonathan. Sincerely, Matt.


    1. Matt, thanks for the comment. I hope 2020 comes quickly for you. As the date for my hike is less than 5 months away I am beaming with excitement. Thanks for reading and I hope I serve as a good guinea pig that will make your prep a little more chewable. Jonathan


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